London Secrets: A Draughtsman’s Guide


A celebration of the kaleidoscopic and ever-changing Capital. In association with Getty Images, Gosling presents hand-sketched renditions of thirty magnificent photographs of architectural landmarks. Among those included are Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Marble Arch, The Athenaeum and The Albert Memorial. Alongside his highly intricate sketches, Tim shares the rich history and forgotten tales behind the façades of these famed vestiges with the reader.


Classic Design for Contemporary Interiors - £45

Classic craftsmanship meets modern styling to create stunning interiors and furniture designed by Tim Gosling. Stephen Calloway introduces Gosling's signature design concepts, reviews the design process, and reveals the timeless craftsmanship blended with state of the art techniques in Gosling's furniture.

Spectacular Homes of London:

An Exclusive Showcase of the Finest Designers in London - £35

Tim Gosling was one of only ten talented London designers who were selected to contribute to this stylish book. Presenting hundreds of vibrant photographs and insightful editorial content, each collection showcases award-winning interiors and the talented designers who created them.

Available now - call 020 7498 8335, or email, to buy a copy signed by Tim Gosling (incl. P&P UK only).

10 Principles of Good Interior Design

by Vinny Lee

This practical guide to interior design gives direction and inspiration to those starting a scheme from scratch or reinventing an existing space. Tim Gosling was one of ten internationally renowned designers who were selected to provide their expert advice.

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