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Books By Tim Gosling

Classic Contemporary: The DNA of Furniture Design
An exciting new volume showcasing Gosling’s recent work, for both public and private clients, historically contextualised and organised thematically by period and style, from the eighteenth century right up to the present day via Victorian, Art Deco, and twentieth century modernism. Each period opens with the DNA design rules of  the woods, prominent figures and materials.

"This book has all the hallmark’s of Tim’s approach to art and life, his respect for creative expression and craftsmanship and his delight in seeing things done well."

        — Michael Palin

Classic Design for Contemporary Interiors:
In the world of furniture and design the name Tim Gosling is synonymous with sophistication, excellence, and craftsmanship. This beautifully produced, generously illustrated volume displays these qualities, which have earned Gosling high praise as well as important public and private commissions. Renowned for his ability to tailor-make a room and its elements to meet the client's individual tastes and needs, Gosling is one of the few designers who involves himself with every aspect of a project. Irresistibly classic and elegant, Gosling's designs have graced yachts, corporate boardrooms, country homes and city apartments. Stephen Calloway introduces readers to Gosling's signature design concepts and reviews the design process, Jean Gomm and Juergen Huber highlight the quality materials that make Gosling's pieces so sought after and timeless. Fans of classic interior design, as well as designers themselves, will find much to inspire and ignite their imaginations.

London Secrets: A Draughtsman's Guide:
Thirty familiar but very carefully selected London sights are visited and sketched by designer Tim Gosling who brings to each a passion for history. The sights range from Wellington Arch to Temple Bar along with Buckingham Palace s private rooms and the Library at St Paul's Cathedral. Gosling and Emma Crichton-Miller reveal the twists and turns of each sight's often quirky history and go on to detail a, largely unknown, secret London. Accompanied by archival letters and ephemera and nearly 100 rare and unpublished images from the Getty archives.