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The Gosling for Chesney's Grand Tour Collection

"Stepping into the city of Pompeii in 2012 took my breath away. To walk in a Roman city with frescoes, houses still intact and sculptural furniture still in situ, was an incredibly powerful experience. Casa di P. Casca Longus still has the most extraordinary marble tripod table on monopedic legs. Like the Regency tourist, Thomas Hope, I too took inspiration from Pompeii for my grand tour collaboration with Chesney's.

My interest in materials and the grand tour was an excellent starting point for the design detail. The Fireplaces embody the essence of The Grand Tour and the myriad of ideas it created. Using unique materials and built by expert craftsman, the Gosling for Chesney's collection is a modern tribute to a cultural legacy. My connection with Chesney's started 18 years ago, when I designed a simple but monumental fireplace, based on the Karnak temple.

The Pompeii fireplace includes the monopedic lions set in Porta marble, which incorporates the extraordinary brass register, handmade by a small Scottish foundry. The brass is recycled from old water pipes creating a unique lustre and depth of colour"

Tim Gosling

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