Leather brings a sleekness to any design, making it well adapted to Gosling’s modern aesthetic. Gosling often works with leather because it is both tactile and hardwearing, which lends authenticity, warmth and durability.

Leather is the material created through the treatment of animal skins, primarily cattle, by a process called tanning. The tanning process alters the protein structure of the hide permanently, converting a putrescible skin into long-lasting and versatile leather.

Post tanning the leather may undergo one of a number of processes; including dyeing to give it colour, staking to soften the leather by passing it over a series of blunt pins that pummel and flex it, buffing to make it easier to maintain or even embossing.

Embossing leather is used increasingly to imitate exotic and rare skins, such as crocodile or python, as demanded by the luxury market. The imitation of cowhide by embossing, stamping and colouring has in fact become widely accepted; both for reasons of expense and to protect the species endangered by the trend. The skill involved is so extraordinary and the resulting skin so versatile, that it is very difficult to tell the difference between a real exotic skin and a stamped leather one.