Gosling has revived the use of Vellum using its exceptional properties to give a sense of glamour, softness and enduring luxury in our pieces. Vellum is traditionally prepared from the fine grained, un-split skins of a goat, calf or sheep.

Unlike leather, vellum shows its true surface as the skin is not denatured in any way by the preparation process. Vellums are usually prepared with a semi shiny grained surface. The skin is then stretched to an even tension and rubbed with pumice to smooth it. The final step is a long-tensioned drying process which results in a very hard wearing and easy to care for finish.

Gosling has always believed that great design requires the designer to push through boundaries and preconceptions to create something unique. It was with this in mind that Gosling began experimenting with printing onto vellum with a laser printer and archival inks, the results allow us to incorporate incredibly complex illustrations into our furniture designs.