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Luxury Bespoke Furniture & Interior Design
Internationally renowned for his ability to reimagine and enhance environments, Tim Gosling creates awe-inspiring modern interiors and furniture made from traditional craftsmanship techniques. Over the years the Gosling team has had the pleasure of designing a number of artisanal pieces that perfectly combine historical and modern techniques and materials. Discover our exquisite bespoke furniture and luxury interior design collections below.
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Our impressive portfolio of modern interior and furniture design collections are truly inspirational and have the ability to transform and enhance any space. From our iconic Gosling Marine collection to our highly anticipated collaborations with Todhunter Earle and The Rug Company, we have a collection for you. View our exquisite range below.
Take a look at what has inspired our latest collections and discover more about the traditional craftsmanship techniques that influence our bespoke luxury furniture and interior designs. Our blogs delve into the creative process of each collection and share some of the passion Tim Gosling has for creating timeless design pieces.
"I could not be happier with the stunning bespoke desk, a beautiful designed and wonderfully crafted piece of art."
"What a privilege to work with such a talented team. From initial conception to installation the project ran smoothly and on time."
"Tim, Phil and Photis share a passion for pushing technical boundaries. State of the art, intuitive design... perfect for a super yacht."
TELEPHONE: +44 (0)20 7498 8335
EMAIL info@tgosling.com
Delighted to have 5 minutes to ask 5 questions to Delighted to have 5 minutes to ask 5 questions to Design Guru,  Simon Rowell , Creative Director (or Stylist 😂) at @bannenberg_and_rowell_designs. Breaking conventions in the #superyacht industry and leading in new directions. LINK TO BLOG IN BIO. Ou take: That’ll have to do on trends, otherwise I might direct you to a wonderful quote from our founder, Jon Bannenberg which, to be fair, referenced Vidal Sasoon. JB was taking umbrage at a question which framed him as a stylist rather than a designer, but you get the point. (But of course, like me, you’re too young to remember Vidal Sassoon...)
Nell Gwynn House is having a makeover and we’re Nell Gwynn House is having a makeover and we’re only days away from unveiling the incredible design work by Gosling maestro @designboysey. Stay tuned…
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