Passionate about beautifully crafted furniture and putting a modern twist on traditional design techniques, renowned Tim Gosling has once again outdone himself with a highly anticipated collaboration with The Rug Company. These hand-knotted rugs are the perfect adornment for any space, elevating the atmosphere and providing crowning glory.

The inspiration behind the designs

Radio City RoundCombining his passions for traditional craftsmanship techniques and historical architecture with his love of interior design, Gosling has created an outstanding collection of rugs that add a level of sophistication to any room. The latest collection perfectly combines influences from the Art Deco period and classical architecture in a way that has never been seen before. These three new striking rug designs capture perfectly the Art Deco influences from the past, evoking grandeur and elegance.

Meet the collection

Paris Deco

From the moment you gaze your eyes upon the elegant Paris Deco design, you’ll notice the striking and unique references from classical architecture. As with all of Gosling’s pieces, they have been inspired by the bygone era, taking notes from historical architecture and English and French Art Deco furniture from the past, including contemporary Chinoiserie furniture designed by the renowned Thomas Chippendale.

The design predominantly focuses on a statement geometric pattern made up of monochromatic metallic silk lines that have been carefully hand-knotted onto a cool grey wool neutral background.

‘The stylish and modern design of the Paris Deco rug helps to add a touch of class to any room in a delightful and alluring way.’

Radio CityRadio City

As the name might suggest, Radio City takes inspiration from the iconic poster advertising and imagery of radio stations that became synonymous with the Art Deco period. Gosling manages to effortlessly inspirit this quintessential era with this beautiful rug design.

Created exclusively for Harrods, this sumptuous design features delicate silk undulating lines which have been perfectly combined with overlapping statement circles. What makes Gosling’s rugs truly unique is the attention to detail and craftsmanship that is embedded into each and every single one. The stunning muted grey is highlighted by the iridescent silk curves that capture the attention of the eye without overpowering the environment.

‘This classic yet contemporary rug design is hand-knotted by The Rug Company’s expert craftsmen in scenic Kathmandu, Nepal using the finest handspun wool and luxurious silk yarns.’

Salon DecoSalon Deco rug

When you lay your eyes upon our Salon Deco rug, you will be taken back to 1930’s France. This design echoes the form of the chair backs found frequently across Paris salons during the Art Deco period.

The angular lines that help to make Salon Deco so unique are overlaid in a rich palette of metallic silver and opulent gold silk yarns. The subtle grey wool background helps to provide a neutral base for the silk motif border to capture the light, adding richness and depth to any room. Talented craftsmen carefully hand knot each rug with beautiful Tibetan wool and the finest silk for the most exceptional finish.

‘Inspired by the culture and style of 1930’s France.’

Paris Deco Landscape

The Perfect Finishing Touch

As with all of Tim Gosling’s designs, these Art Deco rugs provide the final missing piece to any room by elevating the surroundings and bringing together each design element.

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