IDProduct NameCategoryPriceFrameDimensionsFabricLinkImages
10099Paris DecoGosling for the Rug Company
10100Radio City Round (Harrods Exclusive)Gosling for the Rug Company
10098Salon DecoGosling for the Rug Company
3567AudreyGosling for Todhunter EarleBlack LacquerH: 787 W: 730 D: 8006
3778Bronze Console TableGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 680 W: 1750 D: 400
9748Burr Ash Chest of DrawersGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 1000 W: 1300 D: 500
3037Lounge Tub ChairGosling Marine£18,145H: 750 W: 820 D: 9004
3969Director's Folding ChairGosling Marine£13,127H: 840 W: 670 D: 5203.5
3984Dining ChairGosling MarineH: 731 W: 674 D: 6562
9620Deck LoungerGosling MarineH: 355 W: 2270 D: 7908
10306Bar StoolGosling MarineH: 674 W: 656 D: 1100
9780CarverGosling MarineH: 800 W: 673 D: 6552.5
3039Round Low Coffee TableGosling MarineH: 400 W: 900 D: 900
3977Folding Stool/TableGosling MarineH: 500 W: 570 D: 4801
10307AccessoriesGosling Marine
8894Deco BorderGosling for the Rug Company
10309Folding Table SmallGosling MarineH: 750 W: 1000 D: 500
8892Deco Diamond LightGosling for the Rug Company
10311Side TableGosling MarineH: 380 W: 500 D: 420
8890Deco SpiralGosling for the Rug Company
10312Folding Table LargeGosling MarineH: 750 W: 2000 D: 1000
8898Diamond Deco DarkGosling for the Rug Company
10313Club Side TableGosling MarineH: 400 W: 400 D: 500
3779Ebony and Shagreen Dining TableGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 750 W: 4000 D: 1450
3579EileenGosling for Todhunter EarleWalnutH: 745 W: 765 D: 8306
3551EmilyGosling for Todhunter EarleBlack LacquerH: 795 W: 610 D: 7002
8884EmpireGosling for the Rug Company
8896Empire RunnerGosling for the Rug Company
3815Games TableGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 750 W: 1200 D: 1200
9755Grace ChairGosling for Todhunter EarleWhite LacquerH: 760 W: 740 D: 7806
3796Graphite Grey Stained Oak Dining TableGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 750 W: 3400 D: 1200
3947The Henry Holland Bar StoolGosling Collection£4,458H: 590 W: 1050 D: 6101
9806The John Nash ChairGosling Collection£4,958H: 760 W: 795 D: 8008
3937The John Nash SofaGosling Collection£6,647H: 780 W: 2015 D: 89016
3913The Lord Leighton Klismos ChairGosling Collection£2,146H: 830 W: 560 D: 6651
3552KateGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 810 W: 600 D: 7053.5
3804Lacquer Round TableGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 650 W: 700 D: 700
3670Large Leather Bedside TableGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 660 W: 850 D: 450
3711Large Sycamore and Bronze Dressing Table or DeskGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 750 W: 1900 D: 650
3793Limed Oak Dining Table with FriezeGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 750 W: 2500 D: 1200
3566NancyGosling for Todhunter EarleBlack LacquerH: 775 W: 590 D: 6903
3587OliverGosling for Todhunter EarleBlack LacquerH: 775 W: 790 D: 8006
3588Oliver SofaGosling for Todhunter EarleBlack LacquerH: 775 W: 1800 D: 80010
3758Reeded Walnut SideboardGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 900 W: 1350 D: 500
3728Serpentine CommodeGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 850 W: 1700 D: 500
3663Small Leather Bedside TableGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 500 W: 550 D: 450
3671Small Sycamore and Bronze Dressing Table or DeskGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 750 W: 1200 D: 600
3147SybilGosling for Todhunter EarleWalnutH: 785 W: 475 D: 5602
3532Sybil CarverGosling for Todhunter EarleWalnutH: 785 W: 625 D: 5602
9757Sycamore BenchGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 460 W: 1200 D: 400
9758Sycamore Dressing Table & StoolGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 750 W: 1300 D: 550
3540SyrieGosling for Todhunter EarleBlack LacquerH: 935 W: 540 D: 6752
3544Syrie CarverGosling for Todhunter EarleBlack LacquerH: 935 W: 596 D: 6752
9845Tall Vellum CabinetGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 950 W: 1000 D: 500
9815The Alma Tadema SofaGosling Collection£9,770H: 760 W: 1855 D: 7008
10248Racing ChairGosling Collection£16,187H: 840 W: 672 D: 556
3919The ArbusGosling Collection£2,375H: 835 W: 470 D: 5832
3952The David Roberts Swivel Tub ChairGosling Collection£5,200H: 810 W: D: 8
9818The Edward Burne Jones ChairGosling Collection£1,663H: 745 W: 485 D: 5802
9864Grey Sycamore DeskGosling Collection£23,100H: 750 W: 2224 D: 1117
9863Grey Sycamore TableGosling Collection£11,536H: 750 W: 2300 D: 1100
9851Rosewood Wood TableGosling Collection£12,144H: 750 W: 2300 D: 1100
10240Rosewood DeskGosling Collection£41,200H: 750 W: 1800 D: 750
9809The Alma Tadema ChairGosling Collection£3,708H: 805 W: 635 D: 6302
8920The PompeiiGosling for Chesney's
8924The Pompeii Register GrateGosling for Chesney's
8900The RomeGosling for Chesney's
8923The Rome Register GrateGosling for Chesney's
3915The Thomas Hope Club ChairGosling Collection£2,458H: 780 W: 545 D: 6002.5
3029The Thomas Sheraton ClassicGosling Collection£1,496H: 1040 W: 545 D: 5802
3910The Thomas Sheraton Classic CarverGosling Collection£1,792H: 1040 W: 615 D: 6052
3738Vellum and Black Crackle CabinetGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 800 W: 2000 D: 500
3737Vellum and Walnut CredenzaGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 750 W: 2500 D: 500
3826White Lacquer SideboardGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 810 W: 1720 D: 420
3802Writing DeskGosling for Todhunter EarleH: 740 W: 1350 D: 690
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#repost @thebiid ・・・ #BIID Member Spotlight: #repost @thebiid
#BIID Member Spotlight: Tim Gosling, Gosling Ltd @goslingdesignltd
Tim Gosling founded Gosling in 2005 after 18 years as a Director at Linley.  Tim lives to design. He is passionate about architecture, interiors, furniture and the arts and has a unique ability to combine all these disciplines in his work. Having started his career in theatre design, Tim uses his natural talent to infuse an element of drama in his creations and this, coupled with his meticulous attention to detail results in a perfect performance every time.
The portfolio includes private and commercial commissions, including the Goring Hotel and BP Headquarters.  The Gosling team has an exceptional working relationship with interior designers around the world and their portfolio includes many global projects.
Work in the Super yacht industry inspired Tim to turn his design team’s expertise to creating a collection of the first ever carbon fibre exterior deck furniture. Gosling Marine was launched in 2013.
#bespokefurniture #bespokeinteriordesign #yachtinteriordesign
Tim Gosling shares the story of the incredible pai Tim Gosling shares the story of the incredible painting of Icarus by Herbert Draper. The original hangs in the Tate Gallery, London. Tim explains the technique used to create this second masterpiece. #icarus #herbertdraper @tate #silkdressinggown #tooclosetothesun #symbolofdaring #greekmythology #daedalus #cnossusforminos #claphamoldtown #pictureoftheday #pictureframe #giltframe #saturdaymorning
Over this summer we wanted to take you on a little Over this summer we wanted to take you on a little journey exploring the use of different materials and techniques like glass for mirrors for example- the difference types you can get and the different nuances you can create with it … how much you can balance a room’s reflective qualities with its surface .- it’s fascinating you can achieve so much from this humble everyday thing we all take for granted.
#glass #mirrors #mirror #interiordesign #interior #interiorstyling #interiör #interiorinspo #interiorstyle #interiordesigner #interiorinspiration #interiorstyle #interior4all #light #lightreflection #reflection
#repost @guinevere_antiques ・・・ This month w #repost @guinevere_antiques
This month we talk to the wonderful Tim Gosling (@timjgosling) discussing everything we could think of in the space of 10 questions. You may or may not know  but he he has been busy beavering away in a Chateau in France giving it a real make over to former glory. It is well worth a look! @restorationchateau. This photo shows an absolutely stunning fireplace in the chateau in the Grand Salon with a painting from 1680 that is original to the chateau. Linkin Bio to read more! ⁠
#interview #designer #interiors #classic #antiques #restoration #architecture #construction #conservation #restore #renovation #interiordesign #style #design
#repost @henryprideauxinteriordesign ・・・ Des #repost @henryprideauxinteriordesign
Design Matters part 30 with Tim Gosling from @goslingdesignltd and @restorationchateau on Friday 9th July at 12.30pm.

Tim is a giant of the interior design world, setting up his own design studio in 2005 after 18 years as director of @linleylondon . He is passionate about design and craftsmanship, is a skilled draftsman and is able to work across genres designing interiors for yachts, hotels and private homes worldwide, designing furniture too and has three published books under his belt. Some of you may also know him as the driving force behind the interior design pantomime with some extraordinary performances, and outfits...
Most recently he is restoring a beautiful chateau in France @restorationchateau 

Swipe to have a look at some of the amazing rooms and product Tim has created. This will be a great conversation about all things interiors and do comment here with any questions you might have and join us on the day and comment as we go so we can answer as many questions as possible.
Looking forward to it!
#henryprideauxinteriordesign #interiors #interiordesign #interiordesigners #interiordesigner #interiordesignersofinsta #interiordesignersofinstagram #designmatters #instagramlive #interiordesignengland #interiordesigncommunity #interiordesignerlife #londoninteriors #interiordesignerlondon #londoninteriordesigner #timgosling #gosling #goslingdesign #goslingdesignltd #restorationchateau #château #chateaurestoration #therugcompany #pitzhangermanor #rugdesign #linley #yachtdesign #draftsman
#repost @yachtworld ・・・ Inside or out — co #repost @yachtworld
Inside or out — consider these tablescapes aboard some of the world’s most luxurious yachts an art. 😍😍 (#linkinbio) @luxmtrainingacademy @winchdesign_wd @goslingdesignltd @timjgosling 

#yachts #yachtlife #interiordesign #tablescapes #tablescapestyling #tablescapeartist #boats #yachting #bigboats #boatsforsale #yachtsofinstagram #boatsofinstagram #dinnerparty #entertainingathome #boatlife #boatparty #yachtparty
Happy Monday. 🧑‍🎨 A lick of paint to spruc Happy Monday. 🧑‍🎨 A lick of paint to spruce us up for reopening. (Some paint did make it on the doors!) “Let everyone sweep in front of his own door and the whole world will be clean.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Wonder if that applies to painting as well as sweeping! 🧹
#repost @designcentrech ・・・ As part of its F #repost @designcentrech
As part of its First Look initiative, and as a preview to London Design Week 2021, the Design Centre asked top designers to choose their favourite products from this season’s new collections. Tim Gosling’s edit is pictured, and here he also explains why choosing colours is not just about picking a favourite, and why we should be embracing shades that we are emotionally connected to.
To explore the full edit click ‘Designer Loves’ via the link in the GOSLING BIO