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Carbon Fibre Bar Stool

Our exquisite luxury bar stool combines trademark ‘white’ carbon fibre with timeless traditional teak to provide a highly durable and sophisticated piece of furniture. Its low maintenance, resistance to corrosion, and strength-to-weight ratio design make our carbon fibre bar stool perfectly suited to any Superyacht or pool bar.

The sleek and statement design is synonymous with our iconic Gosling Marine collection. As with all of the Gosling pieces of furniture design, Gosling has combined his love of traditional cabinet-making techniques with the latest engineering processes to create exceptional unique luxury bar stools. Our deluxe stools feature supportive backs and are also available with a fixed pedestal.

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Dimensions (H x W x D)
674 x 656 x 1100

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LINK TO BLOG IN BIO. “When you love the process LINK TO BLOG IN BIO. “When you love the process of design conception as much as I do, the creation of presentation and explanatory drawings is a very enjoyable process and I never think of the time involved as a chore, it is in fact an honour to produce drawings that will be converted into steel and aluminium by yacht building craftsmen.” Tim Heywood #goodreads
The OWO Penthouse has been designed by internation The OWO Penthouse has been designed by international studio @winchdesign_wd who combine decades of experience in creating superyacht, private aircraft and residences for ultra-high net worth clients, with a timeless and joyful scheme that champions craftsmanship, artistry and The OWO’s historical and cultural significance. In the design of the five-bedroom lateral penthouse, Winch has collaborated with over forty award-winning suppliers, including Gosling to craft and source bespoke pieces of furniture, fabrics, artwork and accessories. Featuring a private gym and sauna, cinema and games room, staff quarters and expansive terraces with panoramic views, The OWO Penthouse is a truly one-of-a-kind residence.
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