We are incredibly proud of the personal aspect of our design process; we work closely with the client to ensure that every piece is imbued with a sense of its recipient, resulting in a one off bespoke piece of furniture that will stand the test of time. Our standard lead time from deposit is 12-14 weeks but this may change depending on the complexity of the project.

Our Most Recent Film...
The Dome of Celestial Curiosity

‘The Dome of Celestial Curiosity’ was created by Tim with his client, Neale Albert to encompass the wonderful array of miniature objects the client collects which have a direct relation to the stars and heavens. The idea of a Dome as a piece of classical architecture was thought of by Tim as the most wonderful start to this creation.

BIID Interior Drawing Masterclass with Tim Gosling Sycamore House.
BIID members are invited to join Tim in his stunning London home to witness the art of drawing in action. Watch furniture and interiors brought to life with pencil on paper, as Tim infuses an interior ‘portrait’ with personality and emotion.
Our Process
Gosling’s design process begins by sketching ideas with the client to create a clear direction and goal. Supporting words with a sketch makes the creativity flow.
Tim Gosling – Art of Chinoiserie for Asia Week at Chelsea Design Centre.
Tim talks about the provenance of chinoiserie, showing examples of 18th Century Chinese motifs and his rare first edition book of the Brighton Pavilion.
Tim Gosling explores the Wallace Collection with the Colgnahi
A closer inspection of gilding, Boulle marquetry and the furniture collection at the Wallace Museum.
Right Here Right Now
Tim talks about his latest book Classic Contemporary The DNA of Furniture Design and the importance of preserving the use of the language of design.
Regency Furniture & The Athenaeum
THE ATHENAEUM – A rare treat to see inside this neo-classical building designed by Decimus Burton. Watch Tim’s sketch come alive…
Sir John Soane Film
A Relationship with Sir John Soane by Tim Gosling
Join Tim on journey of discovery of both the life and work of Sir John Soane.
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