The Games Table Gathering

“A games table is a place to meet, to laugh and spend time with family. It is the heartbeat of a gathering, it brings people together.

Over the last two years we have spent so much more time at home we have rediscovered our passion for traditional card and board games. Time with friends has become more special and playing games together goes hand in hand. It is fascinating to see our clients encouraging children to step away from gadgets and spend time away from a screen.”

games tableDuring his childhood, Tim Gosling enjoyed playing board games with his family, it was a huge part of his upbringing.

“Playing games is in our DNA, certainly as a nation. Owning an organized and beautiful space to play them makes the experience truly magical.”

Tim loves the process of designing a games table. Unlike other pieces of furniture, the function explicitly determines the design. Over the years, Gosling has created hundreds of exquisite, unique games tables, made from sycamore, beech, rosewood or contemporary Perspex. The materials entirely depend on both the client’s brief and the architecture of the room. The wonderful thing about a games table is that it can completely ‘stand out’ in a room.

“It is interesting because clients never stop pushing the boundaries, commissioning pieces to incorporate something very personal to them. Where and how they want to play is the starting point, then the design process can be considered.

Snooker tables and ping pong tables can easily be transformed into beautiful hall tables, the transformative power games tables have can be immense. Instead of huge expansive rooms with no main function the space can become multifunctional for all the family to enjoy. The ability to create a games table with multiple interchangeable tops allows you to enjoy a variety of games whilst still having a beautiful table, a work of art.”

A historical pastime

ChessBoard games such as backgammon were first recorded around 3000 BC in Persia. Later the love of these timeless games spread to Egypt, Rome and China. During the 11th century, gaming tables as it is known today were seen in medieval Europe. The game of choice at the time was a simple version of backgammon.

During the 17th and early 18th centuries, gaming tables were rising in popularity. This was mainly due to them being forbidden by law in the Elizabethan times, though they quickly became part of everyday life. Many card tables were produced during the 18th century and still survive today. They often featured iconic striking radial veneers, finely inlaid mahogany, penwork, friezes and stunning legs.

Behind the design process

As with all of Gosling pieces, the games table process starts with an in-depth discussion to come up with the initial concept. Gosling takes into consideration factors such as the function, the space in which it will sit, the most loved games and how many people play.

“The function of the games table ultimately determines the design”.

Game table designAll Gosling games tables are bespoke. Whether you enjoy an after-dinner game of backgammon, chess, draughts or to indulge in a game of cards, Gosling games tables will enhance the game into a truly magical experience.

Gosling creates timeless, personalised games tables and accessories for the future. From how cards are stored in compendium boxes to how you roll the dice, all individual preferences come harmoniously together. Do you like the sound of the dice on wood or do you prefer it on soft leather? Backgammon stones can be created in leather or wood. So many choices!

“The dice we use are handmade in America, the home of gambling. Many of us would have grown up with the dice used in Monopoly. The holes are drilled out on each face, which means the 6 face will be lighter than the 1 face, as it has more scooped out. These are microscopic changes in weight, but can play a huge part. What is utterly amazing is how something as humble as dice can change the playing experience and elevate it to something even more sensational. Our dice are casino gambling approved, which means the holes are drilled out but then refilled with the exact same refilled in a different colour. This means they are completely flat and each face is the same weight.”

All the games pieces are made in England, from the wrapping of the backgammon pieces to the exquisite hand carving of the chest pieces. The only exception is the special gaming dice which are made in Vegas!