Exquisite interiors and bespoke furniture should not just be for land. Innovator and design extraordinaire Tim Gosling has reinvigorated the superyacht market, pushing boundaries and creating high-quality and luxurious pieces of furniture. Boasting an impressive portfolio of clients, Gosling has created a new wave of design taking his iconic styles to the open seas. 

Renowned for his unique designs and passion for traditional and timeless craftsmanship, Gosling has become an icon within the superyacht industry. His experimental work and desire for pushing the technical boundaries of materials have made him one of the best. When Gosling first started working on yachts, more than a decade ago, he noticed there was a lack of choice in the market for high-quality and bespoke exterior furniture. Working alongside clients, Gosling is able to create a synergy between the sleek exterior and interior by featuring modern carbon fibre pieces with compound curves. Having had the pleasure of working on many sensational superyachts across the world, such as the world-famous Phocea, the largest sailing boat ever made before 2004, Goslings’ passion has continued to ignite.

“I have been lucky enough to create work for a range of wonderful superyachts. Some I’m allowed to talk about, but some have to remain in the world of complete privacy and mystery.” 

The New Era of Yacht Furniture 

In 2013, the highly anticipated Gosling Marine collection was launched. This state-of-the-art collection was the first-ever carbon-fibre range of deck furniture, specifically made for luxurious superyachts. The modern yet timeless designs quickly became a quintessential part of Goslings’ work. Combining trademark ‘white’ carbon fibre with traditional teak, the Gosling Marine collection has been built to last and withstands the elements when at sea. Featuring a unique strength to weight ratio, low maintenance and aftercare, and resistance to corrosion, carbon fibre makes it the ideal material for yacht furniture. Gosling has combined his knowledge of traditional cabinet-making techniques with modern materials, putting his own twist on yacht furniture.

From the iconic lounge tub chair that has become synonymous with the Gosling brand to elegant sun loungers with luxurious teak finishes, our furniture can help to add a stylish and timeless statement to any boat. 

Goslings Yacht Design Principles 

Light is always at the heart of every Gosling interior, due to its ability to ooze sophistication and transform a space. The idea of white with wood is the key fundamental design aspect of the Gosling Marine collection. By creating the perfect mix between the white and sleek wood, it helps to bring the yacht to life and avoid the environment becoming overly clinical. The collection instead amalgamates the traditional teak with the modern carbon fibre, to create a tactile piece of timeless furniture. 

Although air conditioning may be tempting, especially when cruising around exotic islands and through the glistening turquoise Mediterranean sea; it can make the edges of your room dirty. Gosling recommends avoiding putting white carpet up to the edge. Instead, opt for a different hue or to leave an edging of teak. 

Gosling is passionate about not simply furnishing a yacht, but transforming it into an idyllic haven perfect for a luxurious getaway. One way in which a room can be transformed is by the use of mirrors. Glass by nature has the ability to amplify the natural and artificial light, creating a larger opulent and indulgent area perfect for relaxing and dining. 

Another way to create the wow factor and instil a sense of style is by using awe-inspiring pieces of furniture such as bespoke cabinetry. Gosling created for the renowned Phocea yacht interior a sensational blue straw marquetry cabinet that looked utterly incredible. Materials such as natural cut straw, wood that hasn’t been sealed in high gloss lacquer, natural silks and linens work well within a yacht nestled amongst the Gosling Marine collection. 

‘In a bespoke world where anything is possible, clients are becoming more adventurous and want to create a truly unique space and new style of boat living.’ 

A Look At Lady S

One of the most renowned yacht designs recognised worldwide is the beautiful Lady S. At 93m and 2.999 GT, she is one of the largest yachts to ever be launched at the Kaag yard, by Feadship Royan Van Lent. With a passionate team behind her design, the naval architecture was by De Voogt, her exquisite exterior was designed by Michael Leach and his team and the interior designs were crafted by Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton, all some of the most memorable names in the industry. 

With a glorious deck featuring a pool, jacuzzi, waterfall and giant TV screen, she offers endless luxury and comfort to all onboard. We are proud that she also carries a bespoke collection of Gosling furniture, including carbon fibre deck chairs, adding that extra touch of class.

Not only is she extraordinary to look at, but she features some incredible technology including being the first superyacht with an IMAX private theatre on board, with a 6m curved cinema screen and seating over the height of two decks. 

She’s exclusively for charter through Edmiston and Robert Shepherd and she comes with a personalised burgundy red Rolls Royce Cullinan.







A Recognised Passion

Over the years, Gosling has had the pleasure of working on numerous high-end superyachts. He has transported his passion for bespoke furniture and intricate interiors to the open sea and has become renowned within the industry. Nowadays, he simply needs no introduction. The annual Monaco Yacht Show is one of the most iconic shows within the marine world, helping showcase the best of the best when it comes to superyachts by bringing together enthusiasts all over the world. From shipyards to designers and craftsmen, all have the chance to showcase their skills in the most idyllic of settings. As a repeat prestigious judge at the event, Tim is able to use his prowess to judge the creme de la creme of superyachts. In recent years, yacht design and interiors have transformed from simply replicating domestic interiors into a fluent design that is specific to the curves and waterline. Good yacht interior design should connect you to the sea and islands, let you embody the experience and revel in it. 

‘Yachts, and specifically superyachts, are so exciting to me because they are literally the closest thing we get to creating a space and a structure that responds to the outside environment’.