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Follow our French chateau renovation journey as we peel back the layers of time & craftsmanship
Tim Gosling is delighted to bring this former noble French chateau back to life through his love of authentic restoration and interior design. Built-in 1820 this Normandy gem had the good fortune to be redesigned by the designer of The Ritz, Monsieur Georges Farcy for the Bon Marché family in 1910. The chateau has been untouched since the retreating German army removed the heating system in the 1940s. Eisenhower moved into the chateau when he was appointed supreme commander of Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of north-western Europe.
Restoration Chateau is a classical Parisian design, with 57 rooms, 22 ensuite bedrooms (revolutionary for its time), 8 staterooms, and 27 acres. Over the coming months please join us on a journey of discovery as we piece together history and restore this classic building back to its former glory.
View our chateau restoration journey so far below. For more information about our interior design renovation projects, please contact Gosling.
Watching the tapestries being created has been a f Watching the tapestries being created has been a fascinating journey- the extraordinary work from @zardi_and_zardi as we balanced all the colours , scale and weight of linen . It’s now all hand stitched together and just waiting for us to now put it up onto the walls and to add the final gilding fillets. #interiordesign #interior #interiør #interiordesigner #interiorinspiration #interiordecor #interiorinspiration #interiorstyle #interiordesigner
Back down to the @monacoyachtshow_official as part Back down to the @monacoyachtshow_official as part of the Judging team for Boat international and the Design and Innovation award’s.
 A great honour to be part of this and to see the boundaries being broken in the world of the Superyacht and all this incredible creativity.
 From taking a sub to a motor bike , to a sailing yacht to a mega yacht - it’s all here and the design is utterly remarkable.
 #superyachts #superyacht #boat @boatinternational #yachtlife #yachtinglifestyle #motorbike #design #creativity #monaco #france @goslingdesignltd @timjgosling @boatinternational
This weekend one of Gosling team , Annoushka , got This weekend one of Gosling team , Annoushka , got married to her sweetheart Dan in her hometown church in Brittany. We all stayed at our Chateau and made the most wonderful road trip of it … walks on the beach and a great series of breakfasts! Really like a chateau hop !
 So beautiful to see Annoushka so happy and in the lace her grandmother had on her wedding dress too .
 So wonderful to have such incredible friends to work with .
@smscottthomas @designboysey @annoush_l @photisphoti @jphoti 
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It’s been an extraordinary weekend - spending 13 It’s been an extraordinary weekend - spending 13 hours Queuing with everyone to see The Queen lying in State - and seeing the Funeral procession leaving Westminster Abbey with QE11 on her last journey through london .
 The support and incredible friendship that everyone’s offered has been incredible- the sense of history being something that is woven into our lives here from Her fathers funeral to Hers this weekend .
Truly incredible.
#thequeen #london #londonlife #friends #mourning #royalfamily #royal #westminster