Quick Five Questions with Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli – CEO of the Rubelli Group

Is there a unique Venetian style that weaves like a golden thread through Rubelli designs?

Venice is about light reflecting on its water and its marbles, as well as surfaces which are never sharp, rounded and weathered by time and wear. This is the experience that we instil in our textiles: brightness, softness of lines and colours, patina…. This is the signature of all our production, and the link to our Venetian heritage.    

The Rubelli archive is housed in Ca’ Pisani Rubelli in Venice. Do you have a favourite design and who was it made for?

My favourite design is always the newest born. However, I have always been particularly attracted by Punteggiato, the dotted velvet dated 1934, woven on hand looms that are still active in our mill, and at the time exhibited at Biennale in Venice. It was designed by Gio Ponti, and I love it for its timeless elegance.

The population of residents in Venice reduces every year. How has this changed your life and those around you?

I grew up in a lively city, yet now Venice is only a “village” (less than 50,000 inhabitants). A very international and lively village, however, thus I am aware that living here is a privilege. In addition, Venice has never been equally beautiful.

Beauty is in fact everywhere: even along my daily walk to work I keep discovering new inspiring details.

Did you have a eureka moment during the pandemic, like catching a photo of the dolphins swimming in the canals?

Living by the church of La Salute, I used to walk to the Punta della Dogana, and to admire the Bacino di San Marco from there. The silence, the still water reflecting the buildings, the bright sun, the blue sky, were a magic yet terrible view. I used to stand there at midday, alone, and be overwhelmed with all kind of opposite feelings.

Rubelli has collaborated with so many famous architects, designers and artists. Is there anyone ‘past or present’ you would like to work with?

Outside talents are an enriching experience: they prevent from falling into comfort zone – but they have to respect the identity of the company. My personal wish-list is rather large, and at the top sit rising talents. Like my great grandfather had worked with a young Gio Ponti, I wish I can do the same. At present I played my cards on Luke Edward Hall, and I am very proud of this choice.


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