Timeless Accessories by Tim Gosling

French interior designer Andrée Putman said ‘for a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another’. Tim Gosling takes that same approach when creating furniture and interiors. Balancing beautiful interiors with timeless accessories such as statement clocks and watch boxes makes a room truly sensational.

Gosling’s passion for craftsmanship and traditional techniques is well documented. Gosling work is influenced and inspired by the grandeur of the past whilst still fitting into twenty-first-century life. Gosling’s exquisite accessories have the same forensic attention to detail as the interiors he has become renowned for across the world.

“Working with the best cabinet makers in the world enables you to stretch your legs design wise – to create clock cases and watch boxes that truly match the precise engineering that makes these incredible pieces of horological engineering true wonders and such amazing brands” – Tim Gosling

The history behind Grandfather clocks

Grandfather clocksThe first mechanical clocks were invented in Europe at the beginning of the 14th century. They were the popular timekeeping device of choice until the iconic pendulum clock was invented in 1656 by Christian Huygens. The first grandfather clock was created around 1680 by a British clockmaker called William Clement. The tall style that has become iconic to this day was made possible thanks to the anchor escapement system, which allowed for a much smaller motion in the pendulum than used to be necessary. Before this revolutionary approach, pendulums in clocks need a full 80-100° swing to work.

Clocks have since evolved slowly over the years to the modern ones we see today and have been heavily influenced by components, technology, and cultures.

Clocks are more than just a way to tell time. They are a piece of art, a statement, and a focal point of any room. A clock is essentially the ticking heart of any home and plays a vital role in everyday life.

The epitome of quality and style, Gosling’s home accessories really do tick all the boxes. To celebrate the finest in British craftsmanship, Gosling has created an outstanding collection, exquisite watch boxes to grand clocks, there is a timeless piece for everyone.

“The sound of a clock in a hallway or kitchen reminds you the building has a heartbeat and that it’s not just a house, it’s a living home” –Tim Gosling

Reinventing the Grandfather clock

Reinventing the Grandfather clock

Our marvelous Gosling RH2 Grandfather clock needs no introduction. Designed in collaboration with Richard Harrison, this statement clock is truly one of a kind. The intricate design works in unison with the mechanism to create a unique timepiece inspired by Richards’s passion for Horology.

Together they combined their knowledge and passion to create beautifully crafted pieces of furniture and accessories to create a truly sensational grandfather clock. Richard designed the interior of the clock and although it was out of Gosling’s comfort zone, he reveled in designing the gorgeous exterior.

When Gosling was creating the design, he was trying to reinvent the standard grandfather clock of the past. The design was led by the use of lines to give it length and elegance. Richard designed and made all of the mechanical parts of the clock using raw materials in his home workshop.

“The interesting thing about designing a grandfather clock is that obviously, I know the shapes, but technically I was very much led by Richard, who has the genius mechanical eye.”

The original idea of it was to try and have a way of having an alternative method of winding up the clock. Traditionally a driveline is wound around a barrel which then gradually unwinds over the course of a period of 8 days. Instead, we modernised the mechanics and bypassed that method to simply have a driveline that is in one barrel which then comes out of the clock so that you are no longer restricted to the 8 days.

In terms of design, grandfather clocks obviously come in a certain shape. What was really interesting for Gosling was to use this iconic shape but slightly tweak it to ensure it maintains integrity but reinvents it enough for the modern world. Gosling and Richard decided that it would be revolutionary to be able to see the inner workings of the clock and marvel at how it works. Gosling decided to make it visually look contemporary whilst maintaining the same beloved framework.

A show-stopping watch case

A show-stopping watch caseSome opt to wear their timepiece on their wrist. Watches are a work of art and many have impressive collections for multiple occasions.

For the watch aficionado, there is no accessory greater than a statement watch box to showcase your prized collection. The Gosling watch box is hand-crafted in stunning Santos Rosewood by British craftsmen. The elegant side panels feature delicate beading around the glass sections that are made from polished nickel. The box itself incorporates a specially designed double lever Bramah lock, which works by locking the doors and lid simultaneously for security. Bramah locksmiths were first established in 1784 and are renowned for their quality and ingenuity.

The interior is equally as exquisitely. Lined with sumptuous faux suede with eight small compartments for storing cufflinks and rings at the front. Behind are two watch rolls, each designed to securely hold two watches. This section can be easily lifted out to reveal a tray with more compartments below.

Behind the beautifully crafted glass doors, you will find four independent watch winders for self-winding watches. They carefully rotate your watch at intervals in order to maintain their correct time. The rotation system has three settings so all brands of watches can be accommodated. The box has the option to be operated by either mains or battery power, depending on your needs.

To discover more about our beautiful timeless accessories, why not book a call with Tim?

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